The same as in Taize, we pray three times a day.

Usually in the evening we prepare prayers for the next day. Together we choose psalms, reading and songs.


In the morning we pray in the chapel near our house or in the university chapel. One day we even prayed outside in the park.

Even though we help in different places in the morning, we come together for the midday prayer – sometimes it takes place in Grolley and sometimes in Fribourg.

We are trying to invite more and more people for the prayer. We have put some advertisments in churches in Fribourg and welcome new people whom we get to know during our staying here.

Usually during evenings we have some guests from all over the world. As Fribourg is a student city, it’s easy to find people from different countries here.

Our prayers are ecumenical, as in Taize. Orthodox from Eritrea, Greece and Georgia joined us several times.


Sometimes we pray alone, but the prayer still remains the most important part of our experience.


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