Activities in Grolley

Beside classes in Passarelles we also have some activities with refugees in Grolley – small village near Fribourg. There are two houses where around 70 refugees live. They are from different countries, like Iran, Syria, Afganistan, Eritrea, Georgia, Tibet. Majority of them are young men, but there are also some families with children.



Everyday during our stay in Small provisional community we spend some time with them – playing card games, talking, cooking – simply staying together. Usually they stay at house and don’t have opportunity to go outside very often. That’s why we came up with an idea to go for a trip to Lake Murten.


As soon as we arrived to the lake some people went swimming, other started preparing a grill or playing badminton.



During that time we had an opportunity to get to know each other closer. We were talking a lot, enjoying a nature and food, spicy food 🙂


Even though we had language barriers, we managed to understand each other with simple phrases, gestures and smiles.


The day passed very fast but the time of evening prayer was coming. After coming back to Grolley together with some refugees we went to the Chapel of St Joseph in Fribourg.




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